Thursday, July 28, 2011

Conservative Anne Coulter says you can pray your homosexuality away, only heterosexual men should be in military (VIDEO below)

So, you can apparently pray your homosexuality away? I'm glad somebody cleared that up for us.

This is the opinion of Conservative commentator Anne Coulter, an outlook shared by the husband of Tea Party presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann (and, you'd have to assume, the Michele herself). This seems to be a common belief amongst the neoconservative evangelicals that have become such a rampant plague on the American political scene in more recent years. Their general ignorance of scientific fact, coupled with their complete reliance on the contradictory stories of the ancient Bible to explain phenomena in the universe, has helped lead to an unfortunate halt in being able to solve any of the pressing issues of our species, from the national and global level. The discussion has instead deteriorated into a conceptual gridlock between the educated, and those who believe that all of the species on Earth have survived to this day due to the excellent ship-building skills of Noah.

But, more about some of these topics in another post. Right now, I want to quickly discuss some of Coulter's quotes from the interview, which I'm still finding hard to completely understand, but perhaps some of you can help me.

My reactions to some of Anne Coulter's recent comments:

Coulter: "You can pray gay away."

Publius: Really!? As Behar rightly pointed out, a heterosexual can't "pray" their disposition to heterosexuality away. This is an instinct that one is born with. Even if one is able to temporarily control their sexual lifestyle for a period of time, they will never cease being heterosexual if they were born that way. They will still have the same carnal urges and attractions that they had before prayer, therapy, and/or lifestyle choices.

The same holds true for homosexuals. Those who claim to have "cured" themselves may deny their sexual instincts, date only the opposite sex, and never have a same-sex relationship again. This does not mean that they are no longer truly and naturally homosexual.

This, of course, is a terribly damaging thing to do to yourself and others, as well. If you are a gay man, and you marry a heterosexual woman in an effort to be considered "normal", or to help your career (which has been the situation with several closet-case politicians and clergymen, especially those of the far-right), you are not only putting yourself through undue suffering, but stringing your wife along in a false love, stealing her youth, perhaps even giving her children when you were never truly attracted to her. Eventually, when this gay man comes out of the closet, there will be much regret and suffering because of these decisions. A terrible thing, to live a lie, for everyone involved.

But, this is what many evangelical neoconservatives would have you do. Sweet advice!

Coulter: "Well, that would be weird, praying the straight away. But you can pray stuff away!"

Publius: LOL. The good old neoconservative bigotry blurting out clumsily. It sure would be "weird" to pray away heterosexuality because heterosexuality is "normal" and "natural." But, it isn't weird to "pray away" homosexuality, because that's "weird", "perverted" and "wrong" (Jesus said so. I think.)

Of course, homosexuality is really a naturally-occurring sexual disposition that one is born with, but don't inject scientific fact into a debate, or God might get mad. And if God actually does exist, and created these individuals, why would he create them gay? Seems awfully unfair to me to create someone who is genetically predisposed to go to hell (as the belief goes) and expect them to earn a place in heaven. But, I forgot... "God works in mysterious ways!"*

*(The Bible's "elastic clause." Alexander Hamilton would be proud!)

Coulter: "I want heterosexual men (in the military), men who could be firemen"

Publius: Because homosexual men are obviously unable to put out a fire. I've heard some dumb shit in my life, but this...What does she even mean by that? This woman is a fountain of stupidity, and her cup has runeth over.

Coulter: "(Wanting open gays in military is) a fad among liberals."

Publius: Yup. It's the latest craze. You dizzy, bigoted bitch.

All real quotes you can watch for yourself on the embedded video found below. And, I know I'm being a little harsh on Anne, as she's clearly just a sensationalist, neocon mouthpiece that probably doesn't believe half of the stuff she spews, like Bill O'Reilly. We can only hope. Nevertheless, shockingly mind-numbing stuff from that one. Thanks for reading, let me know what you think.
- Publius

Here's where it all went down:

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

O.J. and Casey Anthony.... What do they have in common (amongst other things)? Haters gonna hate.

Holla, holla! It's murdaaaaaah!

Good thing I didn't waste the last three years of my life not minding my own business, listening to these insufferable shrews Nancy Grace and Jane Velez-Mitchell incessantly yammer on obnoxiously about the most mundane, frivolous details regarding this trial, or I might be pretty upset right now about the verdict.

Instead, I wisely didn't spend every night staring at Grace's and Velez-Mitchell's miserable, chomping mugs, which seem to be forever frozen in a permanent scowl, as if by some ill-fated curse from the Gods of Mt. Olympus, that illustrates the fact that they are the most unbearable, screeching blowhards to ever find themselves in front of a television camera. Well, perhaps besides Glenn Beck.

"Tot-Mom! Tot-Mom! blah! blah! derp! derpity! derp! RAWR! Tot-Mom!"

Thank the Lord (for lack of a better phrase), that I have been born with enough sense to not voluntarily endure that self-inflicted torment. My parents, unfortunately, were clearly not conceived with this valuable instinct, as they went ahead and spent much of the last three years of their lives braving this unnecessary inferno. What they call "compassion" and "curiosity", I call masochism, but so it is.

That said, of course it is unfortunate that this little girl does not seem destined for justice, but the media attention given this trial has always perplexed me, as does similar murder/abduction/missing person "news". What makes it more newsworthy than others? These sort of things happen all the time! Surely, the fact that the victim is a white, little girl gives it more mass appeal in this country, Canada, Europe, etc. Meanwhile, children of minority backgrounds are murdered all the time under rather despicable circumstances, but Nancy and Jane could not be bothered. 

Better to spend three years ranting about the same case, and all for it to end in anti-climactic disappointment for most involved.  Oh well. Time to sensationally beat another dead horse, I suppose. Back to work, ladies.