Thursday, July 28, 2011

Conservative Anne Coulter says you can pray your homosexuality away, only heterosexual men should be in military (VIDEO below)

So, you can apparently pray your homosexuality away? I'm glad somebody cleared that up for us.

This is the opinion of Conservative commentator Anne Coulter, an outlook shared by the husband of Tea Party presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann (and, you'd have to assume, the Michele herself). This seems to be a common belief amongst the neoconservative evangelicals that have become such a rampant plague on the American political scene in more recent years. Their general ignorance of scientific fact, coupled with their complete reliance on the contradictory stories of the ancient Bible to explain phenomena in the universe, has helped lead to an unfortunate halt in being able to solve any of the pressing issues of our species, from the national and global level. The discussion has instead deteriorated into a conceptual gridlock between the educated, and those who believe that all of the species on Earth have survived to this day due to the excellent ship-building skills of Noah.

But, more about some of these topics in another post. Right now, I want to quickly discuss some of Coulter's quotes from the interview, which I'm still finding hard to completely understand, but perhaps some of you can help me.

My reactions to some of Anne Coulter's recent comments:

Coulter: "You can pray gay away."

Publius: Really!? As Behar rightly pointed out, a heterosexual can't "pray" their disposition to heterosexuality away. This is an instinct that one is born with. Even if one is able to temporarily control their sexual lifestyle for a period of time, they will never cease being heterosexual if they were born that way. They will still have the same carnal urges and attractions that they had before prayer, therapy, and/or lifestyle choices.

The same holds true for homosexuals. Those who claim to have "cured" themselves may deny their sexual instincts, date only the opposite sex, and never have a same-sex relationship again. This does not mean that they are no longer truly and naturally homosexual.

This, of course, is a terribly damaging thing to do to yourself and others, as well. If you are a gay man, and you marry a heterosexual woman in an effort to be considered "normal", or to help your career (which has been the situation with several closet-case politicians and clergymen, especially those of the far-right), you are not only putting yourself through undue suffering, but stringing your wife along in a false love, stealing her youth, perhaps even giving her children when you were never truly attracted to her. Eventually, when this gay man comes out of the closet, there will be much regret and suffering because of these decisions. A terrible thing, to live a lie, for everyone involved.

But, this is what many evangelical neoconservatives would have you do. Sweet advice!

Coulter: "Well, that would be weird, praying the straight away. But you can pray stuff away!"

Publius: LOL. The good old neoconservative bigotry blurting out clumsily. It sure would be "weird" to pray away heterosexuality because heterosexuality is "normal" and "natural." But, it isn't weird to "pray away" homosexuality, because that's "weird", "perverted" and "wrong" (Jesus said so. I think.)

Of course, homosexuality is really a naturally-occurring sexual disposition that one is born with, but don't inject scientific fact into a debate, or God might get mad. And if God actually does exist, and created these individuals, why would he create them gay? Seems awfully unfair to me to create someone who is genetically predisposed to go to hell (as the belief goes) and expect them to earn a place in heaven. But, I forgot... "God works in mysterious ways!"*

*(The Bible's "elastic clause." Alexander Hamilton would be proud!)

Coulter: "I want heterosexual men (in the military), men who could be firemen"

Publius: Because homosexual men are obviously unable to put out a fire. I've heard some dumb shit in my life, but this...What does she even mean by that? This woman is a fountain of stupidity, and her cup has runeth over.

Coulter: "(Wanting open gays in military is) a fad among liberals."

Publius: Yup. It's the latest craze. You dizzy, bigoted bitch.

All real quotes you can watch for yourself on the embedded video found below. And, I know I'm being a little harsh on Anne, as she's clearly just a sensationalist, neocon mouthpiece that probably doesn't believe half of the stuff she spews, like Bill O'Reilly. We can only hope. Nevertheless, shockingly mind-numbing stuff from that one. Thanks for reading, let me know what you think.
- Publius

Here's where it all went down:


  1. "You can pray gay away" ... facepalm.

  2. Interesting and witty question and answer format, I really like this!
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  3. Whoa... I dunno what drugs she's been on, but she needs to get herself checked out by a doctor! Haha.

  4. "only heterosexual men should be in military" i think she's right

  5. Why do you think she's right about that, Diego?

  6. From what I hear, a great deal of men in the military are homosexuals. I don't really see a problem with that.

  7. Man, that woman (or is she REALLY a man? I think I see an Adam's apple) is one ugly "lady." Inside and out. But 'merica loves hatemongers. I hope her house catches on fire and a crew of gay firemen refuse to help. Yes. That will happen. FOR SURE. Right? Damnit.

  8. Thanks Sixth, I agree James, and Geojour, well said. I don't know what the hell that wench was on about.

  9. That is bloody insane, even though I might not be totally agreeing on the "you're born homosexual" I think that the whole "you can pray it away" is worse.

    (I think your childhood and basically all life experiences are what make you attracted to the same/opposite sex, just saying.)

  10. FFFFFFFFFF- I hate these kind of people. I mean, Really! it's not a choice!

  11. People like this makes Christians look bad, where I am from you don't see Christians pull this.

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  13. While I myself am not homosexual I personally believe that it is your right to be which ever sexuality you choose. Although some are hard-wired from birth to be one or another sexuality, a person through circumstances and experiences could change their sexuality to another of their preference (it all comes back to nature vs. nurture.)
    I believe that if someday I wish engage in a homosexual relationship with another open willing male that I would have the freedom to choose as such. Although it would not be true to my current nature, through life experience I believe it could be changed. (not to say praying to god makes you straight, because that is just foolish)
    I believe in the equality of all people regardless of race, religion, physical/mental ability, colour, or sexual preference.
    And Even though the pure hateful garbage she is spurting from her mouth is bigotry, and is an abuse of freedom of speech (with bans racial, ethical, sexual, and etc. hate speech) she is also free to choose to speak as such.

    But in all honesty and without conventions on my speech, her remarks make me facepalm. I can't believe the crap she is saying and I worry if these types of people are going to have influence in decisions affecting not just the United States but the World.
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  14. I agree that only heterosexual should be in military. If you never was in army you should stop from commenting this:) Belive me

  15. Well clearly you and I have similar political beliefs, and for the most part I agree with your post, but what I'd like to comment on is this"
    "...between the educated, and those who believe that all of the species on Earth have survived to this day due to the excellent ship-building skills of Noah."
    I'm afraid there are plenty of people take what the Bible says literally and are still highly educated. Coulter and Bachmann are both highly educated. That doesn't fix their rigid dogmatic thinking. I could (and did) go to school largely to reinforce my atheism (at the time), and so they could also (and do) go to school largely to reinforce their fundamentalism. But they are going to lose this battle in the end. It might take another decade or two, but in the end people who are openly gay will be allowed in the military, end of story, and they same goes for gay marriage. So in the end we liberals are going to win this one.

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  17. @ Elliot... Bravo to you for taking me to task on my questionable choice of semantics. Leave it to an educated liberal to rigorously point this out, even when he agrees with the greater gist of it. I really do appreciate that attention to detail. As a side note, this blog will have a bit of a humorous edge to it, so it won't always be as consistently academic.

    But, indeed Coulter, Bachmann and others are highly educated, but what good is the education if it hasn't taught you to think critically enough to realize that the earth isn't 5,000 years old, that men weren't riding dinosaurs like the flintstones, and that the species of the earth couldn't have sustained themselves to the present day (let alone would Noah's ark be able to hold all of them) with only the genetic material of one couple. Inbreeding anyone?

    That was what I meant about not being educated in their case. You can have a Ph.D., but if you don't recognize the reality of evolution, I have every right to question the quality of your education (and, perhaps more specifically, the caliber of your mind).

    Anyways, thank you Elliot and everyone else for the intelligent/thoughtful feedback. Keep it coming if you have more comments, and if you don't, please keep up with future posts!

  18. @ Rifle, I'd love to take your word for it, but I'd like reasons, since I can't imagine why you wouldn't want more people in the military having your back. I want anyone in the military that will be a competent, loyal soldier. The U.S. is made up of people of so many different backgrounds, lifestyle choices, etc., and if their choices do no harm to innocent people, then they should also be allowed to defend their country. I'd like to hear your reasons behind your opinion when you get the chance.

    @ Undeclaredwinner, I'm in no way questioning anyone's freedom of speech, nor one's freedom to hook up with the same sex. You are free to love anyone you want (as long as they are consenting and of legal age). And I am also not denying Ms. Coulter's claim to free speech. She's allowed to say whatever she wants, and I in turn, am allowed to say whatever I want about what she said. It's a beautiful thing! I hope you realize that I wouldn't deny anyone these freedoms, and I hope my post didn't indicate such an attitude, as it wasn't intended.

  19. @ Publius Yeah, I read ya, Sir. ;)
    I did not think you were questioning or denying anyone's freedom of speech, I just wanted to point that part out.

    I am still just facepalming at Rifle's brief really makes me question his intelligence & education, or if he is a troll.
    Really, according to Rifle, if a genius like Stephen Hawking (for lack of a better example) wanted to post his view on this subject he should not because he has not served in the army, because he is unfit for military service. Okay...?

  20. @TheUndeclaredWinner... Glad we're clear!;-)... Thanks for the thoughtful responses, again, and I agree, Rifle should justify that statement. The only reason I can think for not wanting to work with homosexuals in the military is homophobia, but I could be wrong. If I am, I'd appreciate it if Rifle or someone else enlighten us.