Monday, November 7, 2011

"Do you think evolution should be taught in school?"

Deso asks: "Do you think evolution should be taught in school?"

Hi Deso,
To answer your question: Of course evolution should be taught in school. It is clear that evolution is a scientific fact. It is very unfortunate that many of the conservative/Republican politicians that help make the laws in the United States do not believe in evolution, or say idiotic things like "The jury's still out on evolution", which is a direct quote from the benighted ex-President George W. Bush. So ashamed.

Anyways, just like any scientific fact, it should be taught in Science classes and any other class where it may be applicable to the topic. It is incredible that some people still do not believe in evolution when we see evidence of evolution all the time. One great example of swiftly-developed, modern-day evolution is MRSA or "super bacteria" that are resistant to often several different forms of anti-biotics. explains how this works:

"It's all about survival of the fittest - the basic principle of evolution. Bacteria have been around a lot longer than us, so they're pretty good at it.

There are countless different strains of a single type of bacteria, and each has subtle natural genetic mutations that make it different from another. In addition, bacterial genes are constantly mutating.

Some strains' genetic makeup will give them a slight advantage when it comes to fighting off antibiotic attack. So when susceptible strains encounter antibiotics they die, while these naturally resistant strains may prove harder to kill. This means the next time you encounter S.aureus, it's more likely to be one that has survived an antibiotic encounter, (i.e. a resistant one). Eventually, the strain becomes resistant to different antibiotics, even though they work in slightly different ways.

When you are prescribed antibiotics, you are advised to finish the entire course. If you don't do this, there's a chance that you'll kill most of the bugs but not all of them - and the ones that survive are likely to be those that have adapted to be more resistant to antibiotics"

You can find the full article here

And that is proof for the biological phenomenon of evolution. It is not a question of faith, but of observable fact derived from the efforts of science. Deso, I hope I have answered your question. As always, please leave all questions and reactions of this post, or any other ethical questions you'd like addressed by your humble servant.

I have the honor to be yours obediently,


  1. Yes I feel evolution should be taught in school

  2. Yea I think it's a good subject to teach

  3. Wow, thanks for answering my question in such detail.

  4. Evolution is a part of who we are. Of course it should be taught in school. Shows where we were at, at one point.

  5. yes, of course and it should be teached as a fact, teaching the other way is making ignorant kids

  6. i think it should of course but there are always problems in middle america with religion being brought up

  7. So do you believe the evidence of God existence? Throughout time there have been numerous accounts of people giving witness to evidence of God. As scientist investigate these claims many find no way to refute these claims and in some cases find evidence of a God. For example Noah's ark recently believed to be found.

  8. The only people who don't seem to belive in evolution seem to belive the world is only 6000 years old and that were all sevearly imbread cause we are all desended from Adam and Eve(and their two sons!)

  9. yes i think so, because people should know that they come from monkeys and not like it says in The Bible that all of us come from 1 couple =S

  10. I think they should, the bible makes no sense at ALL/

  11. Yes I think that evolution should be taught in school

  12. MRSA is an example of microevolution, which is totally real, of course. However, we've yet to see 100 percent proof of anything evolving in any other way.

    Evolution should be taught in school. Teach everything that's wrong with the theory and teach about the incorrect and outdated so-called proofs of evolution in the textbooks.